Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Brand Management


One of the largest digital libraries in the world, grant- ing unlimited academic resources exclusively for Egyptians free of charge. The project is an initiative that has been launched by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi During the National Science Day of 2014.

Logo Concept


We illustrated a pile of books to showcase having unlimited information sources and different types of content 


.The Pyramid 

In Print Houses they use certain weights to hold new paper together and press it well before publishing. In our case we use this weight for the books in the shape of the Pyramid, that way you can relate it to Egypt as well as the fresh published new book.



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Branding Material 

Knowing the purpose of the brand is important, sthe logo has to be functional for future references. Each book represents a category and each category has its own unique identity related to the target group, following EKB’s colour code each Portal  represents an age group and an educational stage. 

With the brand guidelines and look and feel we have created the stationary, marketing kit and presentations



EKB is designed in a way that all parts of society, with various specialisations and interests and ages, can benefit from to develop scientific research for researchers, human knowledge for youth, promote teaching methods for teachers and develop ways to attract students to learn. 

We have created a user friendly design and interface, with a minimalistic yet engaging look and feel. Our main goal was to create an intersting website to attract all ages and educational stages as well as keeping it simple and easy for the everyday user.

Social Media

Through the power of social media we work towrad the projects goal -We aim for a Society that Learn, Thinks and Innovates-, by creating informative, engaging and educational content and post designs, as well as working on motion graphics tutorial videos to simplify how to use the website and reach the needed material.


Media design and Animation

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