Bo Sidi AbdelRahman

Bo Sidi AbdelRahman

Campaign Branding 


Bo is one of the biggest  projects in the north coast area launched in 2018.Its the first ever Island concept in Egypt. Bo offers ultimate privacy, new experiences and for the first time branded crystal lagoons.

Bo life is colourful, free spirited and happy atmosphere. It has a bold personality through the striking colours, natural and overall island feel.



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Our campaign photography aimed to highlight the peace of mind of Bo Island mixed with the free spirited Bo sands to create a one of a kind experience BO LIFE.


Outdoor and Onground Branding


Along the Sahel roads and the beach we have design a bunch of outdoor designs that would reflect the BO LIFE through beach and water activities and we have also created designs that hammers on the property designs as well.


Social Media Marketing

We developed effective copywriting, campaign management techniques and distinctive artwork designs for social media to differentiate Bo from the competitors and give it a head start when it comes to digital presence.


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